This project is the result of an NSF award to Lisa Frehill, Mary O’Connell and Elba Serrano, professors in Sociology, Plant & Environmental Sciences, and Biology, respectively at New Mexico State University. They solicited participation of senior faculty, department heads, chairs and deans in STEM disciplines from: NMSU, UNM, UT El Paso, and U Washington. The guides for faculty diversity are the result of extensive research and discussion by this group of faculty and administrators.

New Mexico State University

College of Agriculture and Home Economics
Team Leader: LeRoy Daugherty, Associate Dean
Team Members:
Ron Byford, Department Head, Extension Plant Services
Don Caccamise, Department Head, Fishery & Wildlife Science
Dean Hawkins, Professor, Animal & Range Science

College of Arts and Sciences
Team Leader: Waded Cruzado-Salas, Dean
Team Members:
Aravamudan Gopalan, Department Head, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dan Howard, Department Head, Biology
Gary Kyle, Department Head, Physics
Rene Walterbos, Department Head, Astronomy

College of Engineering 
Team Leader: Steven Castillo, Dean
Team Members:
Martha Mitchell, Department Head, Chemical Engineering
Ken White, Department Head, Civil & Geological Engineering

University of New Mexico

College of Arts and Sciences
Team Leader: Richard Santos, Associate Dean
Team Members:
Julia Fulghum, Department Head, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
Sally Seidel, Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Ron Yeo, Department Head, Psychology

University of Texas at El Paso

College of Engineering
Team Leader: Roberto Osegueda, Associate Dean
Team Members:
Carlos Ferregut, Division Director, Civil Engineering
Ann Gates, Department Head, Computer Science
Benjamin Flores, Division Director, Electrical Engineering
Patricia Nava, Department Head, Electrical Engineering

University of Texas, Brownsville

Emir Jose Macari, Dean,College of Science, Mathematics, and Technology

University of Washington

College of Engineering
Team Leader: Joyce Yen, Program/Research Manager
Team Members:
Suzanne Brainard, Executive Director, Center for Workforce Development
Sheila Edwards, Associate Director, Research, Center for Workforce Development
Eve Riskin, Professor, Electrical Engineering
David Allstot, Department Head, Electrical Engineering

UC Irvine

Debra J. Richardson, Dean, Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

Michigan Tech

Sheryl Sorby, Associate Dean of Engineering